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Room owned by: TheRacingKing (www.Habbo.com); as part of the Habbo Mall project.
Habbo Mall is collecting every achievement badge case!
Our collection room is available here on Habbo.com.

Achievements are badges earned by accomplishing certain tasks in the hotel. They are very common badges and due to this, many people decide not to wear them so often. One exception is the "True Habbo" badges, as it shows how long a user has played Habbo. Earning achievements awards you points which count towards your achievement score; this is a reason why many people spend time leveling them up, usually by boosting.

Achievement Map[edit | edit source]

Click on a section of achievements to visit it's page.
Your Profile AchievementsMake Friends AchievementsPets AchievementsGame AchievementsBuild Your Room AchievementsExplore Habbo AchievementsMusic AchievementsLearn about Habbo AchievementsImagemapachievements.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Battle Banzai and FREEZE! achievements were once in their own respective achievement categories, before being merged into the Games achievements category.
  • When the Games Center was still active in Habbo, the Games achievements category had over 400 achievements you could have earned. Once the Games Center was removed, the amount plummeted to where it is at today.
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