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Cunning Fox Gamehall

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Cunning Fox Gamehall has ended or is no longer available.
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The Cunning Fox Gamehall was a public room in Habbo Hotel. It was used by Habbos to play Poker, Battleship, Chess and Tic Tac Toe, games that were removed in 2007. This was before games like Snowstorm and Battleball were made available to non-HC Habbos.

Gamehall Lobby

Gamehall Lobby.png

Gamehall Battleships

Gamehall Battleships.png

Gamehall Chess

Gamehall Chess.png

Gamehall Poker

Gamehall Poker.png

Gamehall TicTacToe

Gamehall TicTacToe.png

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