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For a large list of games played in Habbo, click Here.

Games are a major part of the Habbo community, being one of the main focal points that Habbo advertises for new and existing users. Because of this focus on games, Habbo Staff strive to ensure a steady flow of games for users to play. They have several methods of achieving this, one is by encourage users to make their own games through the use of game building competitions such as Got Game?. Another method used is the release of furniture in the shop specifically designed to help users make official games that are customizable in their own rooms.

Game Center[edit | edit source]

In addition to the use of user made games and first-party games, came the implementation of third-party games in Habbo. This was done by the creation of the Game Center in 2012. The Game Center housed several games made by both Habbo, and third-party developers. This included first-party games like SnowStorm and Fast Food, and third-party games such as Hero Zero and Permia - Duels. The Game Center was open for two years before Habbo Staff closed it in 2014. This ended the use of third-party games in Habbo.

Types of games[edit | edit source]

Because of the large variety of games that are made, every game can be sorted into one of five categories. These categories are Official Games, Wired based games, Skill based games, Luck based games, and Player Choice based games.

Official Games[edit | edit source]

Official games were developed either by Sulake themselves, or by a third-party developer. These official games include any game officially sold or endorsed by Habbo. Examples of this are the Shop games FREEZE! and Battle Banzai, the Old Habbo games Wobble Squabble and Battleball, and the removed Game Center games Tetrablok and STREETZ.

User-made games[edit | edit source]

These games are games that any user could make in their own rooms, that are not designed by Habbo Staff.

Wired based games[edit | edit source]

Wired based games are user-made games that can not function without the use of furni from the Wired furni line. This usually includes games that use Wired to move furni. An example of this is Furni Attack in which Wired is used to move furniture towards users in order to teleport them out of the game.

Skill based games[edit | edit source]

Skill based games are user-made games that rely on users ability and skill in playing Habbo. This includes typing ability (speed and spelling), mouse clicking ability (Falling Furni and Defend Your Pod), and general knowledge aptitude (Trivia and Name 3).

Luck based games[edit | edit source]

Luck based games are user-made games that rely on luck to determine a winner. This is usually done by either use a type of die (Holodice, Dicemaster, etc) to roll a number (e.g. in Melting Carpets and Higher or Lower) to determine a loser, using a random teleportation furni such as the Bb rnd tele small.pngRandom Banzai Teleporter, or by using a Wired setup to pick a random outcome every time.

Player Choice based games[edit | edit source]

Player choice based games are user-made games that rely on other players' choices to determine a winner. This is usually accomplished by using a players' clothing to determine their style (e.g. Costume Change), or by having players pick other players to be safe for the round (e.g. in Chain Game). These games usually result in negative responses from players due to the favoritism being used to determine the winner.

List of games[edit | edit source]

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