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A Habbo Group (or just Group) are user-made clubs that other users can join. First introduced in May 2007 (in version 13 of Habbo), groups are meant to bring people with similar interests together. Examples are; a group for cartoons, a group for games, a group for Habbo Wiki, etc.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Groups consist of people with a similar interest. Each group can hold up to 50,000 members. Normal users can only join up to 50 groups while Habbo Club members can join up to 100. In order to create a group in the first place, users need to be a member of Habbo Club. Group admins also have to be HC in order to do administrative tasks in a group.

Notable Updates[edit | edit source]

  • In 2011 Habbo updated the entire groups system. They introduced group furniture (see below for more information), removed new pages being created for new groups, introduced new administrative features, and made a group homeroom a requirement for creating a group.
  • In 2012 Habbo updated the entire groups system again, this time as a result of The Great Mute. This removed even more features while adding none. They removed group forum functions, hid group pages, and more.
  • In 2014 Habbo updated the groups system again, adding in brand new client based forums, replacing the old ones removed because of The Great Mute.
  • In 2015 Habbo updated groups to allow users to delete their groups upon request.

Group Forums[edit | edit source]

Each group has a group-specific forum available for their use, first introduced in version 16 of Habbo. These forums function like most basic internet forums, with the ability to create, quote, and report forum posts. Group admins can sticky and deleted posts, and also lock threads.

Originally, group forums were web-based, and not client based. However, due to The Great Mute all web-based forums were deleted. In 2014, new client-based group forums were introduced. The new client-based groups have better moderation by both group admins, and by Moderators. They also have the exact same features as the old web-based group forums.

Admin/Rights[edit | edit source]

The group owner can give group members "admin rights", which are special privileges to edit certain aspects of the group. With admin rights, players can kick other players out of the group, give other players admin, moderate/manage the group forums, and manage the group homeroom by being able to move furniture. Group owners must give admin rights carefully, as some bad players will delete notes, pick up furni, and kick everyone out of the group. This is known as Trashing.

Group Settings[edit | edit source]

Only group owners can change the group settings. In the settings window, players can change if players can actually join the group, they can change the group name and description, edit the group badge, and control user rights within the group homeroom.

Group Deletion[edit | edit source]

On March 9, 2015 Habbo Staff released an update that allows users to delete their groups.[1] This was a highly requested feature ever since groups were first released. In order to delete you group, you have to go to your groups info box, and under Manage, click Delete Group.

Once you delete a group, all members will be deleted, the group forum will be deleted, and all furniture in the groups homeroom will return to their owners. Group homerooms themselves will not be deleted.

Group Types[edit | edit source]

Players can also change the group type to regular, exclusive, private, or unlimited.

Regular Groups[edit | edit source]

Regular groups have a 50,000 member limit. Anyone can join at any time.

Exclusive Groups[edit | edit source]

Exclusive groups are "locked", and the admins control who joins. When a regular player "requests membership" for an exclusive group, the admins can either accept them into the group or decline them.

Private Groups[edit | edit source]

Private groups are when no one can join the group. Users can only join if the group type is changed to exclusive or regular.

Group Badge[edit | edit source]

The group badge is a small icon that symbolizes the group. When players select their Favorite Group, that groups badge shows up on their profile when users click on them.

Only group owners can edit the group badge. To create a group badge, different images are placed in a specific position until the desired icon is made. All editing is done in the Group Badge Editor.

Group Furni[edit | edit source]

Any user can buy Group Furni for any groups they are a part of. The group furni features the groups colors during the time of its purchase, and when clicked on shows the groups information and a "Join" button.

Users can buy special Group Furni that are colored based on the group colors of the group they bought the furni for. When placed in a room, users who click on the furni see the groups info in the furniture info box.

Group controversy after the 2010 merges[edit | edit source]

After the 2010 merges, groups from the merged hotels, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and Singapore (US is not affected by this as hotels moved to habbo.com) weren't immediately moved to Habbo.com. This delay sparked much criticism amongst the community. However, it was announced on July 29 that the groups are slowly returning, and all groups were finally moved throughout July.

Habbo Club benefits[edit | edit source]

Joining a 4th group or loosing HC

Habbo Club members get a lot more benefits than normal users when it comes to groups;

  • Habbo Club users can join up to 100 groups while normal users can only join up to 50.
  • Habbo Club users can create groups, while normal users can not.
  • Habbo Club users can administrate over groups while normal users can not (even if they already have admin rights).

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