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Habbo China

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Habbo China has ended or is no longer available.
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Habbo China
Website URL http://habbo.cn (now redirects to Habbo.com)
Supported Language(s) Chinese
Status Habbo offline.gif
Launched July 2006
Closed August 24, 2007
Manager(s) 度英鎊大, 海心, 摆渡人
Alexa Rating 24,038,410 as of July 17, 2010 (final rating)
Habbo China.PNG

Habbo China was the Chinese branch of Habbo, founded in July 2006. On August 24, 2007, Habbo China was closed down[1], making it the first Habbo community to ever be closed.

Habbo Exchange rates for Habbo China[edit | edit source]

Due to currency conversion rates in China, the Habbo Exchange in Habbo China had to be set differently than the rest of the hotels.

Each Habbo Exchange furni was worth x10 more than in other hotels (an example being that a Sack of Coins would be worth 200 Credits).

Different Languages[edit | edit source]

Due to there being two different major languages in China, two different versions of the hotel was made. These were Habbo Pek King and Habbo Shanghai. Users were prompted to select their version when they visited the website.

Reasons for closure[edit | edit source]

Dear visitors:

unfortunately we have some bad news for you: since August 24, 2007 Habbo.cn has been closed at least temporarily, and possibly for a long time. :( Our Habbo Staff is currently working hard to find a way to continue the service in the future – you will be informed about the situation as soon as we know. We are really sorry about this. Meanwhile you can choose to visit other Habbo services all over the world.

— Habbo China Website

A couple of theories were made up for why Habbo China closed. The most probable was that it was closed due to currency conversion rates leaving little profit for Sulake.

Another theory was that it closed because Adobe Shockwave never really took off in the Chinese market, the Habbo client being based on Shockwave at the time. Then this caused extremely poor user numbers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to there being Chinese symbols on badges, badges had to be resized from the usual uniform dimensions (40x40 pixels) to slightly larger dimensions.
  • Habbo China is not the only Asian hotel venture to fail, Habbo Japan also closed its doors due to poor performance.

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