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Habbo Mall is the internet's largest Habbo fansite, dedicated to cataloguing the world's largest online hangout for teenagers, Habbo! Our fansite covers everything from major events (like The Great Mute), to Habbo Staff, Furniture, Badges, game features, and more.

Habbo Mall is a fansite that is unique from any other Habbo fansite, in the sense that ANYONE can contribute to the site. Our fansite runs on a modified version of MediaWiki software (the same as Wikipedia), which allows any member of our community to add their own knowledge to any topic of their choosing! We also have super high-tech specialised robots working on the less interesting things, like every badge and furniture in the game.

Why make a Habbo fansite based around preserving Habbo's history? Well, Habbo has a rich history that has influenced the lives of millions of teenagers worldwide. We play, we chat, we make friends. So we want to help preserve some of that history so people can always remember one of their most loved games.


  • Habbo Wiki was originally created on March 16, 2006[1]. It started out on Wikia and was largely unedited and untouched until mid-2009 when a couple dedicated editors started getting it going.
  • After 2010, Habbo Wiki really started to take off thanks to a couple more dedicated editors, and in 2013 Habbo Wiki was made an official Habbo fansite! We lost that status later on, which will be explained below.
  • During late-2013, the main editors on Habbo Wiki felt that using Wikia extremely limits the ability for the wiki to be a functional Habbo fansite. So Habbo Wiki left Wikia (the wiki is still there, just nobody edits it) and a brand new wiki was opened up in June of 2014. Due to this huge time-frame of inactivity, Habbo Wiki was revoked of its official fansite status.
  • In 2015 Habbo Wiki really started going again with a brand new site redesign, loads of new features, changed staff, and much more.
  • In 2016 Habbo Wiki focused on providing the best user experience available, and accomplished this through a new website, page layouts, and even more added features.
  • In 2017 we continued to focus on providing the best user experience available, and expanding the possibilities of our website, by re-branding and making a brand new website. Welcome to Habbo Mall!

Here we are now!


  • The original creator of Habbo Wiki (on Wikia) was a user named Thelostcup. Although it seems they did get lost since they never edited after the creation of the wiki.
  • We have our own Badge (Badge:COM92) in-game (for our old website)! Although you can no longer get it.


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