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Duckstars is a system on Habbo Wiki, based on Wikipedia's Barnstar System. You can give these out to other respectable users (on their talk page) to show you are impressed with that contributor's contributions. "They are a form of warm fuzzy: they are free to give and they bring joy to the recipient." -Wikipedia. There are many types of duckstars. Please make sure that your choice is fair and appropriate, which will help prevent overuse. Remember that there are other ways of showing simple appreciation to someone, such as a comment on the user's talk page.

Duckstars[edit source]

Image What to type (Replace "[message]" with your message). Description
Duckstar classic.png {{Duckstar|classic|[message]}} An average Duckstar for general compliments.
Fireduck.png {{Duckstar|flame|[message]}} For showing anti-flame war and or anti-bullying.
Redduck.png {{Duckstar|link|[message]}} For helping fix broken links, making links into articles or just making an article in general.
Spamduck.png {{Duckstar|vandal|[message]}} For fighting against spam, inappropriate content, advertising etc..
Holidayduck.png {{Duckstar|holiday|[message]}} Showing gratitude for contributions relating to the Winter Holidays.
Duckstar code.png {{Duckstar|coding|[message]}} For being a good coder. Or something.

Plans[edit source]

Please note that this system is brand new, and time is needed for new ones. Here are the ones coming soon:

  • Love Duckstar (For helping with valentines day stuff or passion to another contributor)/(Red star, love duck).
  • Image Duckstar (For uploading quality and or quantity amounts of images)/(Duck with camera).
  • Teamwork Duckstar (For working in a team to complete a project)/(many ducks of kinds).
  • Mini Duckstar (For making many minor, but helpful edits)/(small duck).
  • Odd Duckstar (For doing something odd, yet helpful)/(green star, seagull for duck).
  • Category Duckstar (Blue star reg duck)