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Habbo Mall:Policies

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The Habbo Mall policies are a set of guidelines agreed by the community that require all editors to comply with. These policies are not meant to be strict, but only to provide a structured order and a sense of friendliness and democracy to the wiki.

For better organization, these policies branch out to more specific and detailed ones, which are located on their own individual page.

  • General policies: includes basic guidelines about topics like vandalism, harassment, and equality.
  • Editing/article policies: includes guidelines about editing and writing articles.
    • The Style Guide explains how to properly format articles. This includes text formatting, use of templates, and images.
  • Deletion policy: explains the process of article deletion on Habbo Mall.
  • Image policies: includes guidelines about uploading and using images.

Failure to abide to the policies may result in consequences such as warnings and/or blocks.

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