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Habbo Mall:Style Guide

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This is a general guide of how things on the site should run.

Naming Conventions

Article Names

Article names should be clear, the actual name of the topic it's about, and should follow correct grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Take a look at Wikipedia's Article titles page for an in-depth explanation and more examples.

Furniture Pages

They should always be the exact name of the furniture as it appears IN-GAME. No matter what spelling errors or how weird the name is, it must be the same as it is in-game. If you are checking external sites for furniture names, please also try to find the furniture in-game.

Badge Pages

They should always be the exact name of the badge as it appears IN-GAME. This is much the same as the furniture pages.

General Pages

General pages include pages on: updates, events, stuff like that. They should always be named making the first letter on the first word capitalized, and the rest in lowercase (excluding names, places, furniture, and badges). An example is the 2010 US-Canada merge. US and Canada are capitalized since those are place names, but merge isn't since it's just the event taking place.

NOTE: The naming conventions for furniture and badge pages may be redundant for use since we now have automated bots to automatically create pages, based on super technical stuff. But in case that bot ever breaks, or if it missed something, use this as a reference.

File Names

File names should be short and to the point. Spaces are not needed, you can just jumble the words together. But make sure each word is capitalized so it doesn't look like one big word.

Furniture Images

Note: Furniture images should be automatically uploaded by User:Cblair91Bot.

They should be named according to the furniture class. An example of this is [[File:throne.png]].

Small Furniture Images

Note: Furniture images should be automatically uploaded by User:Cblair91Bot.

They should follow the same naming conventions as regular Furniture Images, except at the end of each furniture name put small. An example of this is [[File:throne small]]. All furniture images should be in a PNG format.

Badge Images

Note: Badge images should be automatically uploaded by User:Cblair91Bot.

They should be named the exact same as their Badge Code. An example of this is [[File:ADM.gif]]. The Hotel Staffs badge code is: ADM. Therefore, the badges image name should be the same. All badge images should be in a GIF format.

User Images

These include images of Habbo characters in-game, and avatars. They should always be named like this: [[File:(HabboName).png]]. An example of this is [[File:Powertoo.png]]. It shows the name of the user its imaging. This makes it easier to identify the user.

Room Images

These include images on rooms in-game. They should always be named like this: [[File:(HabboName)-(RoomName).png]]. It shows the username of the player who owns the room, and the name of the room itself. This is like this since multiple users may have rooms with the same or similar names. So putting their username with the room will make it easier to tell apart.

NOTE: The naming conventions for badge images may be redundant for use since we now have automated bots to grab badge images for their pages, based on super duper technical stuff. But in case that system breaks or if a badges image just happens to be missing, use these conventions for names. As for furniture images, the bot can not do those as of yet, but we are working on it!

Pages With The Same Name

These include furniture that have the same name (which Habbo does a bunch), badges that have the same names, and furniture that has the same names as badges. These all occur very often, so you need to rename the pages properly.

Furniture With The Same Name

There are many, many cases of furniture having the same name as other furniture. Usually due to there being many recolours of basically the same furniture but in a different design. Multiple examples are in the Diner line, the Mode line, and more.

Furniture In Different Lines With The Same Name

If there are two (or more) furniture with the same name, you have to rename them adding in parenthesis the furniture furni line at the end. An example of this is Books. There are two furniture with the same name of Books, but in different furniture lines. We can't have that can we! So we make a page called Help, I have no string parameter (I may be a disambig page)Books (Gifts) since the Gifts furniture line has one of the Books in it, and one named Petfood12 small.pngBooks (Pet Food) since the Pet Food line has one of the Books in it. Then we make a disambiguation page for them, and we're done.

Furniture In The Same Furni Line With The Same Name

Some furniture are in the same furni line, but have the same name. These include furniture in recoloured furni lines such as Doormat. The furniture names are the same but there are 10 different furniture in 10 different forms. When this happens, you have to rename the furniture page adding a characteristic about the furniture at the end of the page name in parenthesis. An example of this is Doormat plain~3 small.pngDoormat (Yellow) and Doormat plain~1 small.pngDoormat (Red). The first doormat has the color yellow, and the second doormat has the color red. Therefore, their colors are added to the end of their page titles in parenthesis.


Categories are important for the very structure of a site. Pages need to be categorized so they can easily be organized and found by users. That's why it's very important to know how to use them.

Also please take a look at Wikipedia's categorization policy for further information.

Adding Categories To Pages

The proper way to do this is to add the category link to the end of the page, after all the content. An example of this is, lets say you're writing a page about the Throne small.pngThrone. At the end of the page you would add [[Category:Rare Furniture]]. This adds it to the Rare Furniture category (although if you filled out the info on the furniture template, this wouldn't be needed).

Creating Category Pages

When you create a category page, write the category basically is about. If you were creating the Furniture category, you would write something like: This category lists all pages related to furniture we have on record. This explains what the category is about, and does it quickly and clearly.


Disambiguation pages are vital to help distinguish between two different things with the same name. Habbo has a habit of having multiple furniture with the same name. So we have a lot of disambiguation to make! If you want to see examples of when to use Disambiguation pages, view up this page.

Creating Disambiguation Pages

Go to the disambiguation page and place the {{Disambig}} template at the top of the page. Then put a short description of why there needs to be a disambiguation. For example the Furni:Books disambiguation page has the description that explains that there are two different furniture with the name Books in the different furniture lines. Then under that, list the pages that are supposed to be linked in this format:

  • Article 1
  • Article 2


Capitalization is extremely important to make sure users have the most accurate experience possible.


Furniture should be capitalized EXACTLY how it appears in-game. No matter how weird it may look, it has to be the same. An example of where this may come into play is lets say for FurNiTuRE. That's how it appears in-game, so that's how it must appear on the wiki!

Note: Due to MediaWiki software being how it is, the first letter of any article title can not be lowercase. This means if you have a furniture like the greek_seat, it will show as Greek_seat. However, you can still accurately show the name in the furniture template!


Badges should also be capitalized EXACTLY how they appear in-game. It's basically the same as furniture capitalization, so no need to explain more.