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Habbo Russia

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Habbo Russia has ended or is no longer available.
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Habbo Russia
Website URL Formerly: http://habbo.ru/
Supported Language(s) Russian
Status Habbo offline.gif
Launched September 2007
Closed February 6, 2009
Manager(s) Formerly 'Laila'
Alexa Rating ?
The conversation is roughly saying: Frank: О нет! Habbo-отель исчез! (Oh no! Habbo-hotel is gone!) Construction Worker: Успокойся, Франк. Мы просто кое-что ремонтируем в отеле. Поэтому нам нужно было его закрыть. Скоро отель откроется. Может, выпьешь пока чайку с пирогом? (Calm down, Frank. We just something renovate the hotel. So we had to close it. Soon the hotel will open. Maybe drink some tea and cake while?)

Habbo Russia was the Russian branch of Habbo. It was opened in September 2007, and it was closed on February 6, 2009, making it the second hotel to be shut down.

Habbo Russia only had one hotel manager in its two year lifespan, Laila. It had very few staff compared to other communities at the time.

Closure & Compensation[edit | edit source]

Habbo Russia was closed on February 6, 2009 due to low user numbers and low revenue. Reportedly, user count barely made it past 100 online, and even less during certain hours. Also, due to the unstable Russian economy, users had almost no means to purchase credits. This was also following the global economic crisis in 2008, which also caused an overall loss in revenue for Sulake and made it even more viable an option to close the hotel.

After the hotel was closed, voucher codes were given to all users with furniture on Habbo Russia, that when redeemed on Habbo.com gave them an amount of furniture identical to what their accounts on Habbo Russia had.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Only six confirmed badges were made specifically for Habbo Russia, and reportedly few were released.
  • When the hotel was first opened, users from other Habbo communities rushed to create usernames with the MOD- prefix in an attempt to impersonate moderators. However, these users were quickly banned.
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