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A motto is a client feature in which users can write a short message in a text box that appears on their profile. A Habbo's motto can be seen on the players Habbo profile when you click on the player. In the old days of Habbo, mottos used to be refered to as missions. Because they were called missions, some players wrote down 'to be rich' or 'to have a girlfriend' as their mission.

Common Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Irony - Some users use mottoes to be ironic. Examples of this include "LOOK LEFT >>>>>", "I bet you 50 dollars I don't gamble" (For casino gamblers), "Ouch, don't click me", or "A [noun] ate my motto".
  • Roleplayers - Roleplaying armies use mottos to symbolize their rank. Example: [HRA] Recruit.
  • Modelling - Modelling agents use the same method as armies. When a player has won a modelling game, they'll be asked to change their motto to the agent's name, such as "B♥M".
  • Advertising - Advertising is another common use for the motto. The motto is used for advertising groups, cliques, or websites. However, advertising websites is usually against the Habbo Rules, and will usually be filtered by Bobba. Although some users get through this filter, and some fansites are unblocked.

Habbo Newsletters[edit | edit source]

Some old Habbo Newsletters (particularly Habbo Australia's Pixel Press) included a 'Motto Spot'. A Motto Spot is a section devoted to mottos that contain jokes. Examples: '404, Motto not found', 'No slang pl0x', and 'I never use exclamation marks!',

Motto Glitches[edit | edit source]

Glitched Motto Box
Users discovered ways to glitch the motto to add 2 extra lines to it. This glitch was found around 2010 and has become semi-popular. This glitch occurs when a user, while editing their motto presses and holds the Alt key and presses the number 010 on the keypad to insert a page break. This glitches the motto box and can allow for up to 3 extra motto lines. Often adding alt codes around the borders to make the motto more stylish. Although there is still a character limit to mottos, which will limit the amount of stuff you can put in the box including the page breaks.
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