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Public Rooms

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Welcome Lounge updated public room

Public Rooms (also known as Official Rooms) are rooms created by Habbo staff as official hangouts for players to use, other than their own guest rooms. All Public Rooms can be found in the first tab of the navigator. These rooms are unique from user-made guest rooms, because no one has rights to control the room. Only Habbo moderators and Habbo Ambassadors have the ability to moderate these rooms.

Often times, public rooms are created for promotions of products, organisations, and events. The most common occurrence of promotional use in public rooms is the Infobus (being used and redesigned for various online help organisations). Habbo Staff previously used a concept brand called Bubble Juice to show organisations how they could take advantage of these themed rooms to promote their brand.

History[edit | edit source]

Public Rooms have been around before and since the start of Habbo and have been one of Habbo's most memorable features. The first public rooms were found on Mobiles Disco, the predecessor to Habbo. This was because, at the time, users could not create their own rooms, so the developers made public rooms everyone could use. However, when Habbo was launched in 2000, the developers decided to keep the idea of public rooms in the new game as community hubs, while also introducing guest rooms.

The old public rooms were basically interactive pixel art because they usually included intricate designs and layouts that were not made of regular furniture (rather, tiles that behaved as furniture. E.g. seat tiles and stair tiles with a pixel art overlay). This was because the rooms themselves were not like regular guest rooms, they were .swf files that behaved as actual rooms, which made them static just like furniture. This allowed for greater intricate designs than would be possible in normal rooms at the time. These rooms included the Ice Cafe, Habburgers, Club Mammoth, and more.

Removal[edit | edit source]

After the New Habbo update, all original public rooms were removed from the game due to incompatibility with the current Flash client. This was because each original public room was actually its own .swf file, the same format used by furniture in-game. After the client updated from Shockwave to Flash, these .swf's were no longer properly functional due to design flaws and the complexity of the rooms. Examples of the rooms no longer functioning included walls and backgrounds not appearing correctly, and entire rooms not being able to be entered at all. This caused staff to be forced to remove all public rooms from entry.

Replacement[edit | edit source]

On June 1, 2011, a room building competition was held to replace the old public rooms.[1] After the winners were revealed, their rooms replaced the official rooms both on Habbo.com and on international hotels.[2]

These rooms were soon replaced by new official rooms created by Habbo designers, using non-released furni to simulate the feeling of an old style public room. These were met with mixed feedback from the Habbo community, with some enjoying the new rooms and others disliking them. However, these rooms stayed in place for a good amount of time before being replaced yet again. -

2015 public room update[edit | edit source]

In 2015, a complete redesign of all available public rooms was completed and released. The 2015 updated public rooms included many new rooms such as the Hallways (which were previously in Old Habbo as public rooms) and the Coffee House, as well as majorly redesigning other old public rooms such as the Welcome Lounge and Infobus Park.

In contrast to the Old Habbo public rooms, these rooms were made with regular custom designed furni that were not available in the Shop. Many users found this to be less interesting than the old rooms, which were basically massive pixel art pieces that acted as rooms.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although the historic public rooms were removed from the navigator, in 2011 users found out that many if not all of them could still be accessed directly through the room link. This was short-lived, however, as staff soon closed the rooms up completely.

List of public rooms[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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