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If you want to know how to set up Wired in order to make cool, WIRED setups, you can check out various Wired tutorials Here.
Wired Header.png
Wired Furni gives you endless possibilities! You can use these pieces to make your Furni do almost anything! Stack Triggers, Effects, and Conditions to make them WIRED!

Wired is a Habbo furniture line. 

Wired allows automatic actions to be performed in a room, this is achieved by putting more than one Wired furni in a Wired stack. It was first released on October 29, 2010.[1]

Prior to November 2012, Wired furni had bought directly from the Shop as the furni were untradeable; after an update, Wired furni was able to be traded among players.[2]

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Uses[edit | edit source]

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Due to their versatility, Wired furni can be used to do many things, such as opening doors by toggling furni states, creating unique and official games, teleporting players without using a Teleport, achievement score boosting, and much more.

Stacks[edit | edit source]

Wired Stacks are multiple Wired boxes stacked on each other to make an effect happen. To create a stack, you need at least one trigger and effect. You are also able to use conditions and add-ons to create complex Wired setups.

Most of the Wired line has a 5 entity limit to what can be set to a trigger, condition, or an effect.

Wired Categories[edit | edit source]

Triggers[edit | edit source]

Wired trigger.png

Triggers are brown Wired boxes. As the name implies, they are used to trigger the effect in a Wired stack. For example, if you use a "User Walks on Furni" trigger, when a user walks on a selected furni then the effect will be triggered.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Wired effects.png

Effects are gray Wired boxes. As the name implies, they are the outcome/effect of a Wired stack after a Trigger is activated. An example is when a "Give Points" effect is triggered, the Wired will automatically give the selected team a certain amount of points.

Conditions[edit | edit source]

Wired conditions.png

Conditions are white Wired boxes. As the name implies, conditions require specific things that have to be met before the effect in a Wired stack can be triggered. An example would be if there is a "Has Furni On" condition in a Wired stack, then the stack will not have any effect unless there is another furni on the selected conditional furni.

Negative Conditions[edit | edit source]

Negative Conditions are black Wired boxes. These are the newest additions to the Wired line. They work the exact opposite of their normal Condition counterparts (if they have one). These have been a highly requested Wired by many users for a long time. An example would be if a normal Condition Wired requires a furni to have someone on it, the Negative Condition would only activate if the furni DOESN'T have someone on it. Other than that it works the same way as the regular Condition Wired.

Add-Ons[edit | edit source]

Wired addons.png

These items are simply standard furni with Wired-inspired themes, with the exception of the 'Random and Unseen' Effects.

Sound FX[edit | edit source]

These are interactive furni that make sounds when used. They have been used to make elaborate music room, and as sound effects to user made games.

Leaderboards[edit | edit source]

Leaderboards allow high scores to be kept for games using a points/team system. The leaderboard keeps track of all wins, which are usually signified when a user/team waves their hands in the air at the end of a game.

Deals[edit | edit source]

Wired Deals.png

Deals feature simple pre-sorted packs of wired furni. Not only can you save a few coins, deals can help you get everything you need for a simple sequence of events. For example, a deal could provide everything needed to open a door with a switch, or to give a person entering your room a welcome message.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Wired black.gif
  • Strangely enough, the shadowing in all wired logos was black before an update.
  • Wired is used by Habbo Staff to award badges, furni, and other rewards. The name and description of this rare effect are both "wf_act_give_reward_name". These are commonly found in official rooms/quest rooms for certain campaigns run by Habbo. Until an update, this effect only appeared as a gray cube.
    Old "Gray cube" version.
  • The 'Hidden Pyramid' was previously found in the "Deals" section.
  • The Wf xtra random small.pngWIRED Add-on: Random Effect and the Wf xtra unseen small.pngWIRED Add-on: Unseen Effect, were previously located in the Add-Ons section of the Wired shop.

References[edit | edit source]

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